The aims of this project will therefore be to map a certain area (based in N1, included Regent's Canal, Kingsland Rd, Balls Pond Rd, Essex Rd and New N Rd.), The area: Canonbury Ward(Islington), St Peter’s Ward(Islington) and De Beauvoir Ward(Hackney) in order to understand which places have yielded a number of people keen to meet one another.

This project will seek out and interview 50 couples to discover how they met one another and gather scenes from their memory from that point in their relationship. Through this process a map will be created in order to find the romantic connection between how they met and the places where the researcher met them in present day. Additionally, interviewees will be requested to suggest additional places which in their opinion offers the chance to meet others

  • The view of mapping an area to find the romantic connection between how they met and what the places researcher meets them now.
  • The view of local couples suggesting places to meet people enhances the opportunities to meet others.
  • The moment of love stories from local couples which are memorable to residents themselves and to remind people the need of desire.